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I'm interested in hackers and hacking culture. So I have books and movies about the subject. Here's my list. If you know of a good book or movie that's missing, please let me know. I am not trading or selling any of these books and movies. Repeat: these are not for trade/sale!

I did not include books about technical security and computer history, of which I also have a load.

Things I really like are marked with a *.


  • The Shockwave Rider, John Brunner, Del Ray 1975, ISBN 0-345-46717-5
  • The Electronic Criminals, Robert Farr, Fontana 1977, ISBN 0-0063-4847-5
  • * Hackers, Steve Levey, Penguin books 1984, ISBN 0 14.100051 1
  • The Hacker's Handbook, Hugo Cornwall, Century Communications Ltd 1985, ISBN 0-7126-0650-5
  • Out of the Inner Circle, Bill Landreth, Microsoft Press 1985, ISBN 0-914845-36-5
  • Kraken en Computers, Jan Jacobs, Veen uitgevers 1985, ISBN 90-204-2651-6
  • The New Hacker's Handbook, Hugo Cornwall, Century Communications Ltd 1985, ISBN 0-7126-9711-X
  • Hacker's Handbook III, Hugo Cornwall, Century Communications Ltd 1985, ISBN 0-7126-1147-9
  • Bluff your way in Computers, Robert Ainsley & Alexander C. Rae, Ravette Books 1988, ISBN 1-85304-081-9
  • Das Chaos Computer Buch (first edition), various, Rowolt Verlag GmbH 1988, ISBN 3 8052 0474 4
  • Het Chaos Computer Boek, various, Uitgeverij Balans 1988, ISBN 90 5018 072 8
  • * The Cuckoo's Egg, Clifford Stoll, Pocket Books 1989, ISBN 0-671-72688-9
  • Hacker Für Moskau (first edition); Deutsche Computerspione im Dienst des KGB, Thomas Ammann, Matthias Lehnhardt, Gerd Meißner & Stephan Stahl, Wunderlich 1989, ISBN 3-8052-0490-6
  • Terminal Compromise, Winn Schwartau, Inter.Pact Press 1991, ISBN 0-962-87000-5
  • The Hacker Crackdown, Bruce Sterling, Penguin Books 1992, ISBN 0-14-017734-5
  • Approaching Zero: The Extraordinary Underworld of Hackers, Phreakers, Virus Writers, and Keyboard Criminals (first edition, hardcover), Paul Mungo, Random House 1993, ISBN 0-679-40938-6
  • The UNIX-Haters Handbook (first edition), Simson Garfinkel, Daniel Weise & Steven Strassmann, IDG Books 1994, ISBN 1-56884-203-1
  • * De TimeWasters Historie, Walter Belgers, 1994
  • Llaneros Solitarios (first edition), Raquel Roberti, Fernando Bonsembiante, Fin de Siglo 1994, ISBN 950-852-075-2
  • Information Warfare, Winn Schwartau, Thunder's Mouth Press 1994, ISBN 1-56025-088-7
  • Masters of Deception, The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace, Michelle Slatalla and Joshua Quittner, HarperPerennial 1995, ISBN 0-06-017030-1
  • The New Hacker's Dictionary (third edition), Eric S. Raymond, The MIT Press 1996, ISBN 0-262-68092-0
  • The fugutive game (hardcover, first edition), Jonathan Littman, Little, Brown and Company 1996, ISBN 0-316-52858-7
  • Takedown (hardcover, first edition), Tsutomu Shimomura and John Markoff, Hyperion 1996, ISBN 0-7868-6210-6
  • At Large (hardcover), David H. Freedman, Charles C. Mann, Simon & Schuster 1997, ISBN 0-684-82464-7
  • The Watchmen (hardcover, first edition), Jonathan Littman, Little, Brown and Company 1997, ISBN 0-316-52857-9
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar (hardcover, first edition), Eric S. Raymond, O'Reilly 1999, ISBN 1-56592-724-9
  • 23, Die Geschichte des Hackers Karl Koch (first edition), Hans-Christian Schmid and Micheal Gutmann, dtv 1999, ISBN 3-423-08477-4
  • * Hackers, Paul A. Taylor, Routledge 1999, ISBN 0-415-18072-4
  • The first computers: history and architectures, edited by Raúl Rojas and Ulf Hashagen, MIT Press 2000, ISBN 0-262-68137-4
  • * Underground, Suelette Dreyfus, Mandarin 1997, ISBN 1-86330-595-5
  • Crypto (hardcover), Steve Levy, Penguin Books 2001, ISBN 0-670-85950-8
  • Just for Fun, Linus Torvalds and David Diamond, TEXERE 2001, ISBN 1-58799-080-6
  • Memoirs of a Hi-Tech Hustler, Gregory D. Evans, GTP Inc 2001, ISBN 0-9700842-2-6
  • * The Dream Machine: J.C.R. Licklider and the Revolution That Made Computing Personal, M. Mitchell Waldrop, Penguin 2001, ISBN 0-142-00135-X
  • Dagboek van een hacker (The Hacker Diaries), Dan Verton, E-com Publishing 2002, ISBN 90-7690-326-3
  • The art of deception (hardcover), Kevin D. Mitnick, Wiley 2002, ISBN 0-471-23712-4
  • Hacker Cracker (hardcover, first edition), Ejovi Nuwere with David Chanoff, HarperCollins 2002, ISBN 0-06-621079-8
  • Computing in the Middle Ages, A View from the Trenches 1955-1983, Severo M. Ornstein, 1st Books Library 2002, ISBN 1-4033-1517-5
  • Revolution in the Valley, How The Mac Was Made (hardcover, first edition), Andy Hertzfeld, O'Reilly 2004, ISBN 0-596-00719-1
  • The Second Self, Computers and teh Human Spirit (Twentieth Anniversary Edition), Sherry Turkle, The MIT Press, 2005, ISBN 978-0-262-70111-2
  • * Alles moest nog worden uitgevonden, De geschiedenis van de computer in Nederland, Cordula Rooijendijk, Atlas 2007, ISBN 978 90 450 1367 1
  • De eeuw van de computer, De geschiedenis van de informatietechnologie in Nederland, Adrienne van den Bogaard e.a., Kluwer 2008, ISBN 9789013060072
  • Fatal System Error (hardcover, first edition), Joseph Menn, PublicAffairs 2010, ISBN 978-1-58648-748-5
  • Kingpin (How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground) (hardcover, first edition), Kevin Poulsen, Crown Publishers 2011, ISBN 978-0-307-58868-5
  • Ghost in the Wires, My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hakcer (harcover, first edition), Kevin Mitnick with William L. Simon, Little, Brown and company 2011, ISBN 978-0-316-03770-9
  • * Underground, Suelette Dreyfus & Julian Assange, Canon Gate 2012, ISBN 978 0 85786 259 4
  • Murdoch's Pirates, Neil Chenoweth, Allen & Unwin 2012, ISBN 978 1 74331 741 9
  • No place to hide, Edward Snowden, The NSA and the Surveillance State, Glenn Greenwald, Penguin 2014, ISBN 978-0-241-14670-5
  • Komt een vrouw bij de h@cker, Hoe je identiteit gestolen kan worden, Maria Genova, Just Publishers 2014, ISBN 978-9-089-75292-5
  • * Exploding the Phone, Phil Lapsley, Grove Press 2014, ISBN 978-08-021222-8-5
  • De Rode Hack, Brenno de Winter en Victor Broers, SpeakEasy 2015, ISBN 978-90-823231-0-8
  • Beyond the Little Blue Box (hardcover, signed), John T Draper & C Wilson Fraser, FriesenPress 2018, ISBN 978-1-5255-0569-0
  • * Cult of the Dead Cow, How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Have Saved the World, Joseph Menn, Hachette Book Group, Inc. 2019, ISBN 978-1-54172442-6
  • Breaking and Entering, The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called "Alien", Jeremy N. Smith, Mariner Books 2020, ISBN 9780358108504


Starting this century, many movies with hacking in them were made. I am not collecting all those (unless they're very good).

Radio documentaries

Press clippings

These are only interesting if you can read Dutch. I collected them from various news sources. They are copyrighted, if you see an article that is yours and you would like removed, please send me an e-mail.

When the internet became common and articles became abundant, I stopped collecting clippings.


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